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Growth Hormone Deficiency – Living with Growth Hormone Deficiency

When the pituitary gland does not produce enough human growth hormones, growth hormone deficiency occurs. One of the effects of this condition is the impediment of growth in the human body. Growth hormone deficiency commonly strikes infants or children who are in their pre-teens. When the condition is not treated, most of the children suffering from growth hormone deficiency may not grow more than 5 feet.

In order to understand more about this type of problem in human growth hormones, it is important for you to gather facts about its causes. Ask yourself why it happens and try to see if there are various symptoms behind it? Find out about myths on symptoms of this plight as well. At the end of this article, you will also find out that there is a treatment to HGH deficiency. There is really not that much to worry about.

Causes of Growth Hormone Deficiency

There are two known causes of growth hormone deficiency. The first one is the pituitary gland malformation and damage. The pituitary gland is the one responsible for the production of human growth hormones and its abnormality leads to an irregular production of HGH. Usually, the malformation of the pituitary gland happens before or during the child is born.

Also, studies and research found out that genetic syndrome may also be the cause of growth hormone deficiency. This genetic syndrome can bring drastic effects to an individual. Unfortunately, in some situations, the cause of the condition remains unknown or idiopathic.

Symptoms of Growth Hormone Deficiency

The most prevailing symptom of growth hormone deficiency is a perceptible slow growth, usually below two inches every year. This symptom does not affect the body proportion as it remains normal. Other symptoms of growth hormone deficiency are: babyish face which means that the child may appear to be younger than his or her peers; and the child may have a chubby-looking body.

It is essential to know that contrary to a previous belief, growth hormone deficiency has no effect, whatsoever, on the intelligence of children. Also, symptoms occur differently per child. Some symptoms may be similar to other medical conditions so it is important that you visit a doctor for the right diagnosis.

Treating Growth Hormone Deficiency

The treatment for human growth deficiency is established by your child’s doctor depending on various reasons. The first thing taken into account before prescribing a treatment is the age, medical history, and overall health of your child. The doctor may also consider the gravity of the growth hormone deficiency and the tolerance of your child on particular medicines, therapies and procedures. At times, the doctor may also ask what your preference is in terms of treatment.

After diagnosis and considerations, the treatment of growth hormone deficiency commences. Oftentimes, a child experiencing the condition is treated with frequent HGH injections. This medication may last for years though results from the said treatment are apparent as early as three to four months following the beginning of injections. The sooner a treatment starts, the better odds you will have in achieving the results you want for your child. Regrettably, not all children react well to treatments for growth hormone deficiency.

Although there are a number of side effects that may occur from growth hormone deficiency treatments, researchers state that these medications are indeed efficient and safe. Before 1985, HGH was only extracted from the pituitary glands of dead people that was the reason why at that time, other diseases arose from the treatment. However by 1985, biosynthetic HGH was manufactured and the worry of acquiring diseases was forgotten. For more details about suitable treatment for growth hormone deficiency condition, visit your child’s doctor.

Now that you have known all these facts on growth hormone deficiency, it is easier for you to deal with your children’s plight. Being well-informed about this subject matter will actually be your key to understand why such situation occurs. Do not be saddened with HGH deficiency as there are millions of people out there suffering from this plight. Add to that the fact that there is a cure to the problem. As mentioned awhile back, you need not worry about this condition that much. It will be a good idea if you share these thoughts on HGH deficiency with others.

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