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Growth Hormone Releaser – Be Aware and Beware!

A growth hormone releaser can be derived from prescribed drugs and can also come from other natural sources. Forming part of the natural sources for human growth hormone releaser are exercises and food. You should take note of these facts through this article. This is considered as the “Be Aware” part of this page.

As for the “Beware” part, you should know what is alarming in the marketing of these products in the market. There are warnings to take note of. Knowing them will allow you to become not only a better buyer and consumer. These will also be your tools to know whether the growth hormone releaser offered to you is a scam or not.

Food as a Human Growth Hormone Releaser

Anything nutritious that you take in by the mouth is considered a growth hormone releaser. In fact, even the daily dietary supplements and vitamins can elevate the HGH that is naturally produced by your body. Food is said to be capable of increasing the blood levels in the body thereby giving a sign for the HGH to continue to develop.

In its relationship with food, let us try to look into some facts to consider. For one, remember that speculations arise regarding aging as a result of lack of HGH in the body. In another point, it is stressed that the right human growth hormone therapy may also slow down the process of aging. In some cases, this may be true. But there is a better explanation to this.

In a more updated research, it was found out that the real cause of lowering of HGH in the body is the fat that can be stored up in one’s belly. Additionally, this is supported by the increase of blood levels in two other hormones in the body – the IGF-1 or the Insulin-like growth factor and insulin. The research further showed that the rise of the blood levels in these two hormones results to blood sugar level increases especially after taking your meals. Therefore, if you want to increase HGH, you must lower insulin and IGF-1. This can be done by avoiding foods that are reach in flour and sugar.

Exercise as a Growth Hormone Releaser

Aside from food, another growth hormone releaser is exercise. Exercise is said to be a natural way of releasing growth hormones in the body. It helps by way of making you grow a leaner muscle mass – these ones are promised by other human growth hormone therapy and treatments in the market.

Just like food, exercising can also help increase the blood levels of HGH in the body. This means that it does not give way to the increase of IGF-1 and insulin hormones. As a result, what you have is a natural human growth hormone releaser that is sure to do its work as long as you exercise.

The “Beware” Part – Growth Hormone Releasers Sold in the Market Can be Scams

When Sandy Shaw and Durk Pearson published their book “Life Extension: A Practical Scientific Approach” around 20 years ago, people’s awareness of the growth hormone releaser increased. In this book, it was stressed that a combination of vitamins, minerals and all sorts of amino acids as well as other substances can increase leaner muscles and reduce fat in the body. These writers made a rave with this premise that they had thus encouraging a lot of manufacturers to conceptualize about products that can actually help enhance the natural HGH of the body.

This then marked the start of marketing amino acid supplements for weight loss and growth hormone releasers for bodybuilding purposes. This is not a bad promise. What is wrong is the fact that these manufacturers promised overnight results which is so impossible for a product. The truth is that not any amino acid taken by the mouth can increase HGH in the body.

Shaw and Pearson were not the only persons who became a cause to the production of false human growth hormone releasers. There were several studies made by other individuals that supposedly proved the efficacy of HGH supplements in the aging process. From one study to another, more commotions and controversies came out in the market. And with all these, the public is being warned.

Growth hormone releasers can be really good for the body. The problem now lies on the kind of product you buy from the endorsement of so-called experts. Researchers and writers should not take all the blame for these concerns. As consumers, you must be fully aware of your responsibilities as well.

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