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Human Growth Hormone and Weight Loss – Lose Weight by Means of HGH?

Lately, the association between human growth hormone and weight loss is becoming more and more noticeable. Many people these days take in human growth hormone supplements to solve their problem on weight gain. This is because of the fact that there are studies, which had recently surfaced, stating that human growth hormones can help in losing weight.

The most recent studies and even the previous ones gave a new light to the efficacy of the human growth hormone for weight loss concerns. Read on and find out what these studies discovered. You might as well want to look intently into the relationship of aging, weight gain and the human growth hormone. All these facts will lead you to a better understanding of this subject matter.

The Most Recent Study Made on Human Growth Hormone and Weight Loss

Several researchers from St. Louis University conducted a study testing the effect of human growth hormones to individuals suffering from obesity. These researches injected small amounts of human growth hormone to patients who are obese and after the treatment, the patients lost weight but still retained muscle mass. Although the study made proved that human growth hormone can indeed aid in solving the problem on weight, the researchers are still holding up on the idea that HGH as weight reducer is in fact noteworthy.

Participants of the said research total to 59 individuals who had an average of 40% over their standard weight. Although they were given doses of human growth hormone, these people still followed a strict calorie diet coupled with an exercise program. It is important to note that during the 6-month study, a third of the participants backed out because they felt that the lifestyle instructions were too much too handle and one of these people dropped out because of the side effects the treatment caused.

Recent Study on Human Growth Hormone versus Previous Studies

What is also worth taking into account is that this specific study varies significantly from previous studies using human growth hormone as an aid to losing weight. Earlier research done utilized high amounts of HGH and serious side effects were evident. These side effects include arthritis and insulin resistance causing diabetes. The St. Louis University research has a much favorable outcome compared to earlier ones.

Aging, Fat Build Up and Human Growth Hormone

For others, human growth hormone is their new fountain of youth. They believe that HGH slows down the aging process and helps in losing weight. How and Why? As we grow older, our body’s metabolism is delayed because of the diminishing hormone level production which means the fat build-up is a frequent occurrence. By increasing the human growth hormone production in elderly individuals, the rate of calorie and fat burning is much more frequent.

The key for anyone to effectively lose weight, while using human growth hormone supplements, is to pair the medication with a well-balanced diet and exercise. It is not enough just to have an active and boosted metabolism. A good healthy diet is still the best approach in protecting the body from diseases and attaining the body measurement you long for. Any supplement is only really effective with the aid of these health routines.

Human growth hormone and weight loss may soon be synonymous to each other. However, since studies and findings are not yet really specific as to whether HGH is really a tangible aid in shedding the extra pounds or not, it is important that you think over using HGH supplements before purchasing them. Bear in mind that there are still risk factors involved in the use of these supplements.

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