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Human Growth Hormone Facts – Getting to Know Human Growth Hormones

There are many human growth hormone facts which you should be aware of before trying on purchasing HGH stimulators or other HGH related products. Human growth hormones, also known as HGH, are chemicals found in our body which control our growth process. They are produced by an important part of the brain, the pituitary gland. These hormones increase production of cells and promote growth in a person’s body. These complex hormones are made up of a total of 191 types of amino acids and are considered as the biggest and richest protein produced by the pituitary gland.

In the course of our childhood our pituitary glands continuously create human growth hormones but it is in our puberty that HGH is produced the most. This is otherwise known as natural HGH. Even after puberty, human growth hormones are still created by the pituitary glands but only in short amounts during sleep. However, as we grow older, the production of HGH lessens. With this, we have no other recourse but to look for HGH stimulators and supplements that could at least bring back the same HGH we had when we were once young.

Human Growth Hormones Functions

Human growth hormones have specific functions which are vital to the performance of our body. Below are some of these HGH functions:

  • Increasing our body’s muscle mass and height are the two major functions of human growth hormones.
  • Also, HGH aids in maintaining the body’s calcium in order to have healthier bones.
  • These hormones can also reduce the body’s fat content, control insulin and sugar levels.
  • Human growth hormones also strengthen the immune system which is very crucial during a child’s growth years.

Human Growth Hormone Facts Beneficial to a Person

Human growth hormones have both positive and negative facts. In this section, you will learn about the positive facts beneficial to a person.

  • Many people believe that human growth hormones can actually help in slowing the aging process. The hormones can make the skin appear to be younger by reducing wrinkles.
  • HGH can also help increase your body mass. In the world of sports, HGH is used as a component of steroids, which provide added strength and stamina to athletes. These steroids are illegal though.
  • Human growth hormones can aid in enhancing our memory and vision. They also support tissue repair and cell restoration in the bones.
  • These hormones can help treat illnesses such as kidney failure, Turner’s syndrome and deformed height in children. People with HIV/AIDS are also treated with HGH.

Human Growth Hormone Facts Showing the Harm it can Give

If there are positive effects of the human growth hormone, there are also several harmful effects the hormones can provide. You will find out about these effects in the following:

  • Drugs containing human growth hormones may cause swelling of soft tissues. They may also be the culprits to several disorders including carpel tunnel syndrome and diabetes. Forming part of its side effects are joint pain, and enlargement of breast in men.
  • High blood pressure, enlargement of the heart and liver could also be some of the side effects of HGH. Human growth hormones may also lead to hypoglycemia due to an increase of insulin production.

You have read above the different human growth hormone facts. Although the wonder hormone provides many benefits to your body, you should not ignore the bad side effects which can be obtained from it. Add to that the fact that there are manufacturers out there who provide fake products just to add up money to their respective bank accounts. If you have other inquiries regarding human growth hormones, it is advisable to seek counsel from a doctor.

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