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Human Growth Hormone Side Effects – Know the Facts to Get Rid of These Negative Aspects

Human growth hormone side effects can be alarming. If you want to get rid of these aspects when taking HGH supplements and other forms of medications, you have to gather facts. This is why this page is created to help you seek light by knowing human growth hormone benefits.

Human growth hormone is the kind of hormone that is naturally developed in the body. It is created by the pituitary gland that seat in the inner part of the brain. As of the present, human growth hormone is being developed in a very complex method to produce an artificial kind of HGH. In the past, HGH was created through taking away the pituitary gland of dead persons. From there, it was developed into injections, which is used for HGH deficient individuals.

More on HGH Supplements as of the Present

HGH of the present time is no longer given in the form of injection alone. They are already obtainable in many forms like nasal sprays, pills and dietary supplements. HGH is considered very useful in children who have growth hormone insufficiency, thus solving problems in height deficiencies. Do not think however that this is only beneficial to height-deficient individuals. HGH treatments are also ideal for children who have normal HGH secretion but underdeveloped because of other sources.

HGH is gaining too much popularity at this time due to the claims of manufacturers that they had developed a miracle remedy for a wide range of illnesses. Majority of these so-called advertising strategies are not true because most of the products available cannot give the real benefits that you wish for. Actually most of the HGH products can create severe side effects to end users, particularly those that have not yet been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Human Growth Hormone Side Effects

If you will use HGH medications with the proper supervision of your doctor, it will cause a small number of side effects. But it will cause dangerous side effects if you take it in elevated dosages and without the proper supervision of your doctor. The list includes the following:

  • Acrogemaly – This is a kind of health situation that starts with over-development of your facial bone and connective tissues which may lead to a distorted appearance of your face. This medical situation can also cause irregular development of your hands and feet. It may also enhance hair development in all parts of your body. Opposite to the claims that HGH can add to your lifespan, the duration of your life will be shortened if you have acrogemaly.
  • Hypoglycemia – This medical condition is the reverse of diabetes. Diabetic individuals cannot develop sufficient amount of insulin in their bodies thus their glucose level tends to soar up. In hypoglycemic individuals however, they develop elevated amounts of insulin leading to decrease glucose levels. People who are taking HGH have great possibility to get hypoglycemia.
  • Extended Belly – Bodybuilders taking HGH excessively and without the supervision of health practitioners can develop an extended belly.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – This is also another kind of side effect caused by HGH, particularly without taking it at the prescribed dosage.
  • Other side effects – The other side effects of HGH are also comprised of swelling of the heart, injury in the liver and thyroid gland, and it can also cause extreme water retention in the body.

These human growth hormone side effects can be properly dealt with as long as you follow what your doctors instruct you to do. It is important to consider what experts say about HGH before you even take them. Remember that these side effects excuses no one. It may even aggravate the situation you want to solve.

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