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Human Growth Hormone Therapy – Reverse Signs of Aging

There are plenty of medically supervised and physician prescribed human growth hormone therapy programs. Each of the programs aims to help patients to have a cost-effective and comprehensive treatment for Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency or AGHD. HGH Therapy is safe because the program is supervised by experts.

But before you even go to the decision of undergoing human growth hormone therapy, you should look at some manifestations. These manifestations signal you to undergo a more comprehensive list of treatments. It is not a matter of jumping into a conclusion that you need it just because you think you have an HGH-related problem. Read on and find out more facts about signs, definitions and examples of HGH therapy.

Signs that You Already Need to Consider Having HGH Therapy

Naturally, the pituitary gland generates adequate growth hormone that aids in maintaining a youthful appearance until the age of 35. As one reaches the age of 40 to 50, the production of HGH deteriorates thus showing signs of Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency also known as AGHD. As this happens, the skin loses its elasticity and it becomes sagged and wrinkled.

At the same time, muscles lose strength and mass while fat tissue piles up. Immunity and kidney functions decrease plus the heart muscle weakens. Decreased production of HGH also affects sexual performance which can be observed with the loss of sexual power and libido. These are just few symptoms indicating that if you want, you can undergo HGH therapy.

Hormone Replacement Therapy – One Type of HGH Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy is a process of restoring growth hormones that diminished during aging. The body needs sufficient supply of human growth hormones to perform its optimum functions. HRT is one of the most comprehensively scrutinized human growth hormone treatments. This therapy aids in inhibiting symptoms related to andropause, menopause and hormonal imbalance.

There are plenty of physical and physiological benefits provided by the HGH therapy. HRT reduces the risk in the development of osteoporosis and lessens the possibility of bone breakage. In addition to that, the HGH therapy also decreases tooth loss. This therapy also lowers the risk of colon cancer.

Apart from reversing the physical effects of aging, hormone replacement therapy also improves mood and women’s sense of mental and emotional well-being. It also increases energy and boosts the ability to perform physical tasks. As a whole, hormone replacement therapy lets the individual live up to their maximum genetic potential.

Sermorelin Therapy – Also a Human Growth Hormone Therapy

Sermorelin is known to stimulate the production of the body’s natural HGH. It also increases the production of IGF-1 or Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 that is vital in childhood growth which continues to have anabolic effects in adulthood. Apart from that, Sermorelin also improves physical performance, boosts the function of the immune system, and enhances sleep quality.

More specific benefits of Sermorelin Therapy target different parts of the body and its functions. Sermorelin Therapy enhances the skin’s elasticity, firmness, and texture. In addition to that, it strengthens the bone and improves hair texture. It also increases the strength and mass of your muscles as it decreases fat tissues. This therapy strengthens cardiovascular muscles while lowering blood pressure. Furthermore, it intensifies energy and promotes emotional stability. This HGH therapy also brings back sexual power by increasing sexual potency and frequency.

Human growth hormone therapy is a good way of reversing the effects of aging. You are assured to get the benefits you desire because the process is safe and it is administered by a professional. So if you want to try human growth hormone to treat signs of AGHD, these are the therapies that you should consider.

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