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Growth Hormone Spray – How Does this Remedy Work?

The growth hormone spray is gaining too much attention as of now because of the myths and truths associated with it. There are sets of information that this HGH remedy cannot deliver the results that consumers desire about. Some say that HGH spray is not really safe and efficient to use. Owe that to the […]

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Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone – One Natural Product to Learn About

Homeopathic human growth hormone is just one of the many HGH products that are found in the market. Since it is said to be a natural human growth hormone, a lot of people seem to crave for it. Find out more facts about these products before you even consider buying one. Most of the innate […]

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IGF-1 – A Supplement Compared to Natural HGH

IGF-1 is the one accountable for what is characterized greatly as the human growth hormone. It is prepared through the liver and activated by human growth hormone. It is also considered as the gauge of every individual’s HGH amounts. The kind of test that is performed to measure IGF-1 is the most inexpensive and simple […]

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Natural Human Growth Hormone – What Makes it so Natural, By the Way?

In your search for HGH supplements in the market, you always consider the term natural human growth hormone attached to the product. Well, this is because you presume that when a product is natural, it is safe and efficient. Remember however that natural HGH does not always come in supplement forms. It can also be […]

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Injectable Human Growth Hormone – Products That Actually Work

According to experts, the most effective HGH therapy or treatment is the injectable human growth hormone. That is apart from the other types of human growth hormone available in sprays, tablets and solutions. However, these forms of HGH do not give the results that you are expecting. This is the reason behind why you should […]

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